Pleasing People
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My Bad Journal
 Maybe soon I will be able to keep a real journal with real subjects.


Being in the wickedness
I'll tell the story.

When in school age, seven years old, I was a little bugger filled with joy and promise. I had a bad influence, but that influence was so sweet too. I was noble, I was mean, I was kind... I was a crazy kid in a positive way - Still being crazy.

School was dirty. The other kids there were umm... had ugly thoughts and ways. They weren't loyal or anything, not all. They weren't noble above short-term satisfaction or perversion. I was only crazy sometimes, but some other kids - they were perverted in some way it seemed. I was curious about the less perverted ones though. Those! Those became my friends. It wasn't my fault that they were also prone to be nerds later, of course not all of them so much. I was prone to computers myself too.

Okay, then I had this crazy idea of kissing girls when I was nine or ten years old. I pretty much harassed my class girls then. Maybe one of them liked me afterwards.

I lived my days in spurring fantasies, escaping the reality which wasn't kind or light, but dark and destructive to me. Boredom was the language of self-destruction, and the uncreative. Soon I came to feel no boredom at all. A computer game that kicked the heck out from my hours completely billed my parents, because I used to play it online and the phone call connected me with the rest of the game battling world. I was addicted, but it made my life good for a while. Very good.

Except I didn't do so well with the many girls around. Some did! Maybe they had their moments.

Thinking afterwards I feel like I'm less than I was those times. Maybe I lost the crucial parts of life. Became a loser or something.

Today, I can think I'm not that.

I am free, completely okay with the universe and able to do things. I am healthy and young, capable of change and vision.

Whatever, I just want to BE. To the fullest!

(no subject)

Yesterday was like my second birthday

I did many things twice.

I watched two movies,
ate two meals
and went twice into the sauna

I thought in myself that
I was with Hannah Montana,
which was funny, (Like Hannah from the mythological Hannah-Hannah)
and I wondered why had I
become so old I was
Veery old-like
was it because I was
too old-soul or
because I was Jesus
or because I had spent
to much time with old people.

The Time Whispers - s 8
Standards with people

How would a person XO want to be treated when someone unknown comes to talk to them?
How much should people prepare for social intercourse?

I believe, hours beforehand for a single meeting. And in general, have activities that appeal to others like going to the gym, taking care of one's face, body, thoughts, ideals and make-up.

Where to start? From the vibe.
Anyways, the most important thing is the person's energy and good quality.

The Time Whispers - s 6
Ooooh, my head is so stuck!

There's always a bigger fish

I'm at last GETTING fit step by step. But I'm n terrible shape, and won't at all be the best fit either.

"The only thing you can depend on is your family" - Madonna

In this battle against the ever molding trouble.

But Idea of Parents is the inheriting of ego trouble.

So - The Real Family is the Family of Self.

Modify the concept of self - modify reality.

The Time Whispers - s 5
It's to follow the ideals

In the Martial ideal

Always provide a challenging opponent, a good opponent, a fighting opponent

Life is preparation to fight.

Secondly, never sacrifice the weapon in ill-preparation

Seek a peaceful, well-fought death, not to fall, but to rise again


But what's the Angel of Death ideal?

What would that idea do?
How would that idea act?
How would he empower?
Maybe find something in?
To find something in is...

Use perception to release duty,
to use perception to put something in place,
to dissolve something, perhaps even create problems.

The Time Whispers - s 3
Whee! I just saw a dream

I was a police agent chasing a muscular criminal.

This dream was a full "James bond" dream!

It started in Helsinki where me and my commanding officer found this criminal who just parked. He escaped to the roof and tried to climb the spine of something like a construction arm. We were in the middle of reaching him when he shouted to his radio phone something like: Bombs! or Crackers, or Bummer! Or all of these in a same incomprehendable 4-letter word. It probably was BOOM!

So the whole construction arm fell. It became longer and longer and immideately upon hitting the ground got all its inertia, (mechanical momentum speed) directed towards Turku. The construction arm became a hellish snare which bent in every curve and got some magical speed somewhere, luckily the road was empty but I think we went 200 km/h on that road and had to turn the construction arm by the weight of our increasing amount of bodies being applied to it.

It took almost an hour to climb up the construction arm close to where the criminal was located during that high way time. He had "located" some like 9 or 7 women between me and him. When the trip ended and I didn't see my commanding officer any more around, I took the all women with me like on my shoulder and swam immedeately towards islands so that when the criminal returned to his trip construction arm and didn't see these women there anymore the hellish balance road trip became a hellish swim hide & seek trip in the Finnish and Estonian archipelago. In the end I guess I showed my badge on the Estonian shore with 4 or 5 women with me heading back to Finland on a boat. Really, the women were represented in the form of palm or weed to me and they were also half of every of them, also, there were palm trees in Estonia. Maybe because my friend told she had been cruising in the Carrib... I mean the Estonian sea when I went to lie down on that sofa. I asked wheter the cruise was actually at the Carribean... maybe this funnied my mind.

Hehe, Anyways this was the funniest dream ever, and my ambitions in the end made me sick lifted with being worried at the same time! I had to leave half of the wooing dream women behind me, those who didn't like to come along :-)

Oh, and they all looked like Era! They were the incorporation of the criminal's "duty" or aetheric "magics". So in the end both were in danger of stepping out of their duty! Me escaping with the chicks, and the criminal loosing all his chicks, energies. Dreams are dreams, in real of course we don't have superpowers like that but... Now how cool is that?


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